Al Fresco, To Go

Summer is the season for excursions of all kinds. Long weekends at the beach, day trip hikes, extended road trips, and short walks to the park around the corner all have one thing in common: They’re all better with good food. No matter where this summer takes you, Genova Premium Tuna is the perfect ingredient for travel-friendly snacks. Let these four ideas be your inspiration. 

Road trip: Local lettuce wraps

A road trip is the perfect excuse to be a little spontaneous with your snacks, and lettuce wraps have an “anything goes” vibe that works well in this scenario. Just toss a few cans of Genova yellowfin tuna packed in extra-virgin olive oil into your snack bag and stop by a local farm stand for lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, and anything else you’d like to wrap up. All that’s left is to pull over in a perfectly scenic spot and enjoy a satisfying, surprisingly luxe meal.  

Picnic in the park: Bruschetta buffet

Bruschetta makes the most of juicy, peak-season tomatoes, so it’s ideal for a casual picnic in the park with friends. Pick up some olives and other antipasti, marinate fresh tomatoes with balsamic, basil, and salt, toast some sliced baguette in olive oil, and pack it all up with a few cans of olive oil-packed Genova tuna. For even more flavor, try drizzling the oil right on top of your bruschette: Our yellowfin tuna in Calabrian chili-infused oil is a great choice if you like some spice. 

Beach day: Pan bagnat

The French know their way around a beach snack. Case in point: The classic pan bagnat. This make-ahead sandwich is stuffed to the gills with blanched green beans, olives, tomatoes, hard-boiled eggs, boiled potatoes, and tuna, all in a delicious vinaigrette. It’s basically a niçoise salad in sandwich form, and it gets better the longer it rests—so you can make a few, toss them in your bag, and enjoy them on the beach. Pop a bottle of rosé in the cooler and you have the ultimate beachside snack. 

Impressing guests: Farmer’s market cheese board

Every city looks its best when it’s warm, clear, and sunny outside. If you’re hosting friends or family this summer and don’t want to eat out every single night, why not put together the charcuterie board of your dreams? Hit the farmer’s market and pick up plenty of fresh fruit and locally-sourced goodies—cheese, pickles, preserves, and fresh bread—then add some Genova tuna for an extra touch of luxury. Mix it with fresh herbs and a squeeze of lemon or serve it right out of the can; either way, our tuna will fit right in.

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