Genova®. The taste that’s simply fulfilling.

Premium Canned Tuna in Olive Oil

Premium tuna. Incredible taste. Responsibly caught.

The rich, savory taste of Genova® premium tuna is central to many inspired dishes because of its’ distinct, delicious taste and texture. Genova® is so simple and incredible on its own, take just one bite you’ll ignite a passion for more.

Exquisite premium tuna in the purest olive oil. That’s Genova®.
  • Superior Taste & Quality

  • 14 grams of Protein in Every Serving

  • MSC Certified (Marine Stewardship Council)

  • Always Non-GMO

Sustainably-sourced and certified.

Genova® recognizes that sustainable fishing plays a critical role in the health of our planet. We source 100% of our tuna from MSC certified fisheries, and track our products from catch to consumption so we can continually improve our operations and labor conditions.

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