The Secret Ingredient for the Perfect Holiday Party

With a focus on rich food, tradition, and family, the holidays are meant to bring people together. It’s the perfect time to celebrate with a warm and cozy feast. Spending the holidays abroad might not be in these year’s plans, but we’ve got a few dishes to help you bring old world magic to your family gatherings. A dash of Mediterranean flare is truly the secret ingredient you didn’t know was missing from your holiday table. 

Try topping off a dish with delectable tuna, baking it into a favorite recipe, or mixing it in to enhance your festive meal’s deliciousness with these recipe ideas…

Topped with Tuna

Sometimes just a sprinkle of tuna gives a dish that je ne sais quoi. Create a special moment with guests using these delightful recipes that work as appetizers or even part of the main meal.

A crostini is the perfect vehicle to let flavorful ingredients shine. Add a dash of spice to yours with this Calabrian Chili Tuna Crostini.

Fresh produce helps to balance out the richness of traditional holiday foods. A Pretty Plated Tuna Salad provides a feast for the eyes and taste buds.

Try Roasted Eggplant with Tuna and Ricotta for a beautiful twist using beloved Mediterranean ingredients. It’s hearty enough to be a full meal, but also works well as a robust side. 

Pizza is always a fan favorite, and easy to share. Pizza Niçoise combines the best parts of a tasty slice and a sophisticated salad. What’s not to love?

Baked with Tuna

Comforting baked fare helps to establish a merry atmosphere. Try a classic dish with a twist that will bring in warmth to your holiday meal. 

Like wrapping a gift, consider stuffing tuna-enhanced deliciousness into a substantial vegetable. Tuna-Stuffed Portabella Mushrooms and Garlic Tuscan Herb Tuna-Stuffed Roast Tomatoes both fit the bill, and are oh-so satisfying.

Crispiness of delicate doughs, when baked, add a fun crunch to every bite. The layering involved with a Tuna Spanakopita Pie creates a flaky, mouthwatering delight. 

Mixed with Tuna

The best holiday parties are ones you get to enjoy. Mediterranean flavors enhance these fresh, and hearty dishes that won’t keep you in the kitchen all night long. 

Indulgent Cheesy Tuna Arancini is elevated when you include silky tuna. Prep the risotto a few hours before so you’re not glued to the stove while the party’s getting started.

A party isn’t a party without a proper, creamy dip. This Tuna Aioli Dip with Balsamic Drizzle emphasizes the taste of the Italian coast, and draws everyone to gather around. 

Healthy Tuna Croquettes are a relatively simple way to share unfussy, approachable cooking that tastes really good.

Our Yellowfin Tuna-Stuffed Piquillo Peppers with Herbed Fennel Salad draws a focus on seasonal produce, for bright, succulent, people-pleasing fare.

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